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The West Indies Sail Heritage Foundation on the island of Antigua is a non-profit with a dream to inspire young people to imagine a world of possibilities instead of a world of limitations. We encourage youth on a path to education and maritime career development while instilling lifelong respect for culture and a sense of stewardship for the ocean.


We take young people on sailing voyages aboard New Moon.


A healthy ocean is essential to the well-being of humanity.


Traditional hand crafted wooden sailing boats built in the Caribbean.


It’s a simple fact, when you do good, you feel good.


We invite you to join us aboard our traditional Carricou sloop “New Moon“ for a sailing discovery day.


Ships are the nearest thing to dreams that hands have ever made.” – Robert N. Rose

We started a sail training program for Antiguan youngsters to help them discover their potential through hands-on experience aboard the traditionally built Carriacou Sloop “New Moon”. On the water, under the sail, they learn about overcoming life’s challenges, realizing their own talent, and lets them explore uncharted possibilities.

ocean love

“The sea lives in every one of us.” – Robert Wyland

Oceans provide half the oxygen we breathe, absorb a quarter of our C02 emissions, and put seemingly boundless amounts of food on our tables. You may not be able to see it from above the surface, but they are in danger. The threats are many and the risks are real. By 2050 there could be more plastic than fish in our oceans. The WISH Foundation started the Ocean Love No Plastic No Waste Program. This is a youth sailing environmental program to increase awareness about plastic pollution in the ocean and learn about solutions for plastic waste.

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“It is very easy to be a proud descendant, what takes character is to be a responsible ancestor.”
― Abhijit Naskar

Hand crafted wooden sailing boats built in the Caribbean. An old school method, craftsman and apprentice. Learning by doing with hands-on experience. It has much to do with developing healthy patterns. Being proud of the work you have done and working hard. These things were taught to our ancestors and passed down through the generations. These are also things that can easily become lost.


“Your greatness is not what you have, but in what you give.” – Alice Hocker

Giving back helps to create opportunities for others. Plus we feel more fulfilled when we believe our work is serving a greater purpose. The chance to make a lasting positive impact in the lives of others is a great reward, but honestly, when we do good, we feel good.

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